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Professional Services

  • Surveillance (Cheating spouse, Child custody, Insurance and more)               
  • Employment Background Investigations (Paid and Volunteer backgrounds completed at different levels depending on positions)
  • GPS Monitoring and Rentals
  • Phone and Computer Forensics (Retrieve erased history on phones and computers)
  • Phone number address and name investigations
  • Process Serving locally and nationwide
  • Evasive Process Service
  • Records research and retrieval locally, state and nationwide
  • Truth Analysis (Lie Detector)
  • Fugitive Locate (Bail Skip Tracing)
  • Undercover Operations (retail locations)
  • ​Professional Interviewing (witnesses, employee misconduct, and more)
  • DNA Paternity testing, Immigration DNA and more
  • Home, Property or Business Activity Checks
  • Locate People
  • Locate Assets (Property, autos, banks and more)
  • ​Nanny Background Checks
  • I-9 Processing and Verification (Federal Mandate Employee Verification)
  • ​Photography and Video​​

Services Details

  • Surveillance: Tricor’s surveillance methods are executed by expert private investigators with decades of experience. With our cutting edge technology, there are few places or settings we cannot observe and document. The technology we utilize includes:
 o  Closed Circuit TV Cameras o  Digital Videos o  Still Photography o  On-person Cameras o  Concealed Cameras

Clients continue to rave about our thorough review of subjects from a distance. Our goal is to utilize surveillance footage to further criminal, civil, and private litigation in Oxnard, Ventura, Fillmore, and the state of California. Some of our main surveillance clients include:

o  Child Custody Hearings

o  Cheating Spouse Confirmation

o  Divorce Litigation
o  Insurance Claim Proceedings

Tricor has experience with national law firms, local and national insurance companies, as well as private citizens. Tricor offers a competitive pricing structure with solutions for large and small surveillance matters. 

  • Employment Background Investigations: Tricor provides elite employment background checks that fulfil the needs of any business, non-profit, or organization in Santa Paula, Ojai, and all of Santa Barba County. Our investigation methods help your operation save money by hiring the right type of person to represent your brand. Our in-depth employment background screenings reach across the entire United States with fast turnaround deliveries. Our team of investigation professionals have access to the most accurate and up-to-date information available. 

  • GPS Monitoring and Rental: Tricor’s GPS rental process could not be easier; no big equipment to purchase and no long-term commitments. Simply choose and pay for the GPS monitoring system that fits your needs, use it, and return it to us. A perfect solution in the following circumstances:.

o  Cheating Spouses and Suspicion of Infidelity o  Drug Use o  Fleet Tracking o  Valuable Shipment Tracking

Trust your gut instinct and add one more layer of security to any valuable transaction. Our GPS rental systems are affordable for any budget and provide evidence when you need it most. We service Camarillo, Thousand Oaks, and the entire Calabasas region. 

  • ·Phone and Computer Forensics: Tricor can successfully monitor, recreate, and uncover sensitive phone (mobile and land lines) and computer transactions with precision. Our team of private investigators stay current on the latest technology trends and are able to deal with a vast range of personal and business matters. When every piece of data matters, trust Santa Barbara County’s leading phone and computer forensic firm. 

  • Skip Tracing: Tricor can aid businesses with phone number, address, and name investigations. Discovering a person’s whereabouts can make or break an investigation. From collections to corporate matters, Tricor’s skip tracing methods are second to none. Serving Fillmore, Westlake, Newbury Park and surrounding areas, we will quickly deliver identifying results on anyone that has disappeared on purpose.
  • Local and National Process Serving: The first step in any lawsuit or legal matter is to give appropriate notice to all parties. Tricor will deliver a proper set of court documents, often referred to as “process,” in a timely and professional manner. While we locally serve Santa Barbara and Ventura counties, we are fully capable of serving process to anyone in the United States. Our team is well-versed in the service process and will use discretion during execution. 

  • Evasive Process Service: Many times parties of a lawsuit or court proceeding do not want to be found, making it difficult to serve proper process. If you are a party of a lawsuit and feel helpless, our evasive process services can give your efforts new direction. Tricor will use its elite investigation methods to discover the whereabouts of all parties involved in a legal matter. We will then deliver proper process to those parties allowing court proceedings to begin.
  • Records Research: Tricor’s records and research team has built relationships with national partners to deliver fast, accurate results. Our network provides us with direct access to billions of non-public records. We pride ourselves on our high level of research integrity and will never cut corners. Tricor’s document retrieval services are flexible and can be customized to fit your specific case. Turn to California’s proven source for legal, financial, and title research. We can provide reliable results anywhere in the United States and beyond. 

  • Lie Detection: Truth analysis is a specialized process requiring technical knowledge and experience which is why Tricor’s lie detection services use the best detection tools on the market. We complete lie detection tests and truth analysis as only a company with decades of experience can. Our goal is to protect the citizens of Camarillo, Ojai, and Port Hueneme from the devastation lying can cause. Often a turning point for attorneys and law enforcement, lie detection is a valuable tactic during any legal matter. 

  • Fugitive Recovery: Also known as “bounty hunters,” Tricor’s team of fugitive recovery agents will track down defendants to save your bail money. Our experienced staff utilizes decades of investigative experience during bail skip trace efforts. If someone you know has fled the Ventura and Santa Barbara area to avoid court appearances, we can help. Our fugitive recovery process keeps us one step ahead of the criminal and provides our team with a very high success rate. All Tricor fugitive recovery agents are educated about local laws and have the required qualifications to execute cases correctly. Our fugitive recovery agents are trained in self-defense and restraining tactics. We serve bail professionals and private citizens all over California. Cost for these services vary from $300 up to a percentage of the bond.

  • Undercover Operations: Tricor’s undercover operatives are private and discreet. Our team of professional investigators are trained to avoid being discovered. We understand each undercover investigation is unique and will offer innovative solutions to fit those needs. Our previous clients highlight lower instances of theft, lower instances of employee misconduct, and safer customer experiences because of our undercover strategies. Tricor provides undercover investigation services including, but not limited to

    o  Undercover employees
 o  Undercover building security o  Plain Clothes Officers o  Mystery Shoppers
o  Private and Corporate Security

No matter what your unique circumstance is, Oak Park, Newbury Park, and Simi Valley residents can count on Tricor to get the results they seek. While we are locally based in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties, we are happy to provide private undercover investigation services to the entire state of California.

  • Expert Testimony: Tricor’s private investigators can provide expert witness testimony and elaborate on investigation findings during a legal proceeding. All work performed on behalf of you or your clients will remain strictly private, confidential, and 100% legal. Consultation with a private investigator can shed light on all types of misconduct which will further the attorney’s ability to litigate in the courtroom. Some areas of expertise Tricor can bring to a courtroom include, but are not limited to:

​   Locating Witnesses
 o  Providing Expert Testimony o  Locating Assets o  Prep Exercises for Cross Examination o  Predict Opponent’s Future Negotiations

Tricor can help identify information that may lead to “smoking guns” during a court case which often lead to profitable settlements in favor of our clients. Given our focus on uncovering facts, the Tricor team of private investigators are extremely helpful during a court hearing when piecing together long lost facts, details, and evidence. 

  • DNA Analysis: Santa Barbara and Ventura County’s premier DNA testing firm, Tricor offers local legal and government professionals an on-going partnership for such DNA services as:

 o  Paternity Testing
o  Maternity Testing o  Forensic Casework Analysis o  Immigration DNA Testing o  Infidelity Testing

We specialize in providing the best infidelity testing to Santa Paula, Westlake Village, and Fillmore residents. DNA can be lifted from undergarments, bedding, cigarette butts, and glass and stemware. Our team is standing by to consult and guide prospective DNA analysis clients on best practices when obtaining specimens for testing.

  • Home, Property, or Business Activity Checks: Do you suspect your spouse or loved one is involved with an illegal activity? Tricor can discover answers to that question and guide you through the process of removing yourself from the situation if suspicions prove to be true. Our firm will maintain your privacy while mitigating any illegal exposure that could jeopardize your future.
  • Locate People: Missing persons are all too often forgotten. If you are searching for someone, Tricor can assist you with that process. Our team works diligently to bring you the answers you are looking for – not excuses. We are licensed private investigators in the Ventura and Santa Barbara County region trained in finding people, not some cheap data base search engine. Our goal is to provide real answers and real solutions to your real problems. This also includes minors that are runaways from home, that law enforcement have exhausted their time, and can only indicate as a runaway in law enforcement data bases. 

  • Locate Assets: Serving Calabasas to Santa Paula and all of California, Tricor Investigations can discover hidden assets including property, vehicles, employment earnings, bank accounts, and business ownership. Whether you are a spouse or corporation, our trained staff is able to get you the information you need to collect on a judgment. Our approach to asset recovery separates us from other information brokers. Tricor will not waste clients’ money on information they are already aware of. Instead, we focus on creating new information channels and discover leads where there were none before. 

  • Nanny Background Checks: When your child’s safety is at stake, do not skimp on nanny background check details. Tricor will not only access public and private records of your prospective nanny but will also build a detailed picture of his or her everyday life. Our goal is to accurately portray the habits and personality of a prospective nanny for our clients. We do this through surveillance, hidden “nanny cams,” and undercover intelligence. Our nanny background checks are also open to babysitters, tutors, or any person providing care to your child. Tricor wants to provide comprehensive nanny background checks and never treats clients like a transaction. If any derogatory information is discovered through the investigative process, our team of experts will guide clients on how to handle the situation. 

  • I-9 Processing and Verification: Tricor offers the most complete I-9 management solution in Santa Barbara County and Ventura County. As an employer, you no longer need to stay on top of the ever changing I-9 rules and regulations. Our staff removes the headache from business owner’s desk and will manage his or her entire I-9 process. The following services are included:

 o  I-9 From Completion o  Data Migration o  Data Validation o  Ongoing Audits o  Remediation o  Document Storage

I-9 services save businesses time and money. Remove government risk and avoid expensive fines and fees during a stressful audit, Tricor will have all of your I-9 documentation in proper order. Our comprehensive I-9 solution integrates data checks and balances. Our vast network of public and private records is second to none and reaches across the entire United States.

  • Photography and Video: Tricor keeps California residents safe by recording evidence with both still photos and live action video. Both methods prove powerful during any type of court proceeding. Our video and photography solutions can be customized to fit your unique needs and include the following:

 o  Home Security Surveillance o  Property or Business Surveillance o  Focused Public Video or Photo Surveillance 
There are many kinds of photo and video options available to Tricor clients including closed circuity televisions and concealed cameras. Our tactics can be customized to fit any budget and situation. 

Tricor locally serves Oxnard, Ventura, Fillmore, Santa Paula, Ojai, Port Hueneme, Camarillo, Thousand Oaks, Westlake, Westlake Village, Newbury Park, Calabasas, Simi Valley, and Oak Park. If your specific privacy matter requires a task not listed above or will take place in a different location, please contact our office at 805-201-9137. Our team is standing by to provide a free consultation with zero obligation.